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Tailiah Breon

This film was a labor of love in honor of my late Grandmother Peggy. She is more than my grandmother, she was my best friend. Experiencing her physical absence has connected me to grief in a way I have never known. It ignited a side of my emotions and pain that I did not know existed. The past year has inspired an opportunity to use my creative as an outlet to help comfort others and make my evolving pains purposeful. I consider this project an act of service to bring connectivity to all those who can relate. Sometimes the greatest healing is to simply be understood. I hope that when watching this, you hear our voices say, "Yes, we get it. We understand how you feel. And you are not alone."

Tailiah Breon, CEO of Fashion Prodigy LLC is an Atlanta based filmmaker and photographer with 8 years experience with features in SHEEN, IMPACT and KRAVE Magazine. An Editor for networks like BETHER, Content Producer for brand names such as XoNecole and PMM Agency. Producer for Lifetime Movie "LUST". Director for Lifetime Movie "Line Sisters", ABFF selected short film now on ALLBLK "She Had to Ask" and Director, Writer for several other scripted and non-scripted projects.


Tailiah Breon, Fashion Prodigy 
Filmmaker l Photographer

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